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    Through technologies like the front multitouch screen and the rear multitouch pad, motion-sensors, and augmented reality, PS Vita brings the biggest and best games to life in a whole new way.

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    Some of your favorite PS3 brands, and some new titles developed just for PlayStation Vita let you discover a gaming experience with no limits.

PS Vita F1 2011 Review: Amazing F1 game on the go!

Mar 2, 2012

buypsvitaf12011, ps vita f1 2011, ps vita f1 2011 reviewF1 2011 - FORMULA ONE World Championship 2011 official F1 game were recorded team that appeared in (F1 2011 Formula 1 World Championship), drivers, circuit. Development is done in a racing simulation that specializes in new mobile game machines, such as touch pad support touch screen front and rear, to a unique feature of the PS Vita. That is considered as assist features such as Brake Assist and driving line, fun to play even for beginners.


This work included the official data of the 2011 season. Participating teams and drivers to compete from 2011 facing machine, such as Sebastian Vettel of the 2010 season champion, in the new color scheme, such as circuit, based on the data recording the most recent driver circuit 12 teams, 24 people, 19 in all. Katsuaki is reproduced further regulation and new tires (such as kinetic energy recovery system) DRS (adjustable rear wing), KERS. Challenge to race-conscious elements while various strategies, such as corruption almost like parts such as wing damage representation, simulation of tires and fuel, such as weather, F1 driver of fact.

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Game mode, as well as "career mode" aim, a challenge of many Grand Prix "mode" to compete in the mini-games to race and a series of final-qualifying-free practice on the circuit with your favorite top of the world started out as a driver rookie available including the "Challenge mode" go to experience, a variety of game modes. Co-op to participate in a race in pairs choose two favorite F1 team, play with a new game mode is divided into two teams compete for up to 4 people. In a wireless connection to enjoy playing against up to four people

Dungeon Hunter Alliance PS Vita Review: Fun with online multiplayer mode

Mar 1, 2012

dungeon hunter alliance review, dungeon hunter alliance vitaThe Dungeon is calling! ... And now on the new PS Vita. The name of Dungeon Hunter Alliance is likely to be owners of a PS3 already a household name, after all, the title is already available there for several weeks. And to fall directly to the door into the house - there is the game for a fraction of the price of the mobile version available. Is it worth so inclined for the researcher to "something" to take into account higher price to get the move to venture into the dungeons of the fairy tale world of Dungeon Hunter Alliance? We have looked at the exact time adventure for you to help you answer this question.

The major advance here: When Dungeon Hunters Alliance is known as a very old school dungeon crawler. I mean, it selects one of three different heroes, and will not build too much on the story, the hordes of various monsters and bandits being thrown. The three heroes are different here solely on their playing style, and it will be for example the mandatory warriors to choose from, who with sword and shield eats the damage dealt to the enemy, and even hands out properly, the villain, who with two daggers or even a the arch enemy troops off with quick maneuvers, or the magician who waves his magic wand and can gracefully powerful spells from the roll. The classes play very differently even here, it can plug in as a villain only limited damage, as well as a warrior in ranged combat is hardly useful. These tactical backgrounds but sometimes left out one, basically just a soon as they arrived on the battlefield hack and slash away, and slap on slap on the best again. Shall ensure that the hordes of opponents is more of a threat by their sheer mass, instead of a sophisticated AI. So what you stretching at the beginning of the adventure is selected, solely depends on how you wish you prefer to fight through the various areas.

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The areas themselves are also designed entirely on the fighting. These are indeed created quite large and crooked, but usually there is a clear path leads you to the destination of your respective mission, and a host of other paths around it, filled with more enemies and treasures. Still, the game tries to change into the different scenarios everyday to do what actually works even mostly. So you fight your way through tombs, ancient temples, rugged valleys, drains, or bandit camp rich in nature. The story that you here from one area to another is advancing, hardly more than a thread that connects them up. Your warrior is a reawakened King, to be now trying to save the country into chaos and the traitor responsible for his death were these same to. Nothing that we had not been told much better in similar form. From the aspect of her story, one should not expect so much. But what else has ever so at the bar? After all the hard earned money will be invested, too rewarding, and not in the form of a sour unplayed track in front of him.

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A very big plus point here but clearly the more than successful online multiplayer. Here you go with your hero wanders from the single-player mode, and you can open your own game or join an ongoing session. Thus we find usually within a few minutes, a full four-man team with whom you are going to battle together. The communication is here surprisingly off very well, so you have you can run any time two buttons at the bottom corners of the screen, opening to touch an emote-table of her gestures and pre-recorded messages, or chat a separate text box in which you with your fellow players can. Thus, the understanding does with the randomly joining players are usually very reliable - a fact the cuttings of the genre on handhelds so far only worked really rare. But, unfortunately, also shines in terms of the multiplayer is not all that gold, because often the stubborn camera makes the smooth gameplay a spanner in the works.

dungeon hunter alliance rogue build, dungeon hunter alliance warrior build

The problem here is that the camera is always focused at the same time to all players. That means in plain language, that no player can remove itself from the screen, and it is more or less bound together. Thus, many opportunities lost, act, especially in the boss battles against huge bosses, really tactical. However, apart from this deficiency, the title can be played in multiplayer duly his muscles. Where you lose alone after a short time if the desire for the same old carnage rages you with a friendly group, just hours later by the hordes of monsters.

dungeon hunter alliance ps vita review, dungeon hunter alliance ps vita priceFrom a technical standpoint the game is not so, however, a good figure. Thus we see the title on its origin and iPod downloadable titles but slightly. Although the overall picture makes a very convincing figure, and there are some nice gimmicks effect seen in the levels, the whole adventure would be in a similar form as was possible even on the PSP. The Vita can do here is definitely more, so if you want to show off his new show-piece a little before his friends should rather fire up another title

The sound is not big here way better than the graphics, the music plays in the background in front of him and do not mind though, really catchy danger here but not equally. It looks better with the sound effects of what the genre looks like a little different - after all, you usually mistreated here for the attack button, which leads to one or the other, leads the battle cry. These hold here, fortunately, discreetly covered and not be heard at every single attack

Features and benefits
dungeon hunter alliance walkthrough, dungeon hunter alliance ps vita release dateHere you get for your money than inclined dungeon crawler friend offered quite a bit. A full 75 levels can rise and your distance and improve more than ten different chapters waiting to be conquered by you. Then there are the numerous side quests that you can take in the cities. And if that's not enough, you will anyway always new weapons, armor and accessories in order to constantly improve his character, and the many skills that you can invest in the game.

To get back to the initial question - the title pretty hefty compared to the price, then, is worth the money? The answer looks easy from here, two minds, so you get a private-solid dungeon crawler offered that can captivate more than successful, especially in multiplayer mode for many hours on the handheld. On the other hand, the game is on the technical side, the only solid mediocrity, offering owners of the other versions of the title hardly new. Are you looking so after Uncharted and co. played out are for a game which you will also employ in the coming weeks and over again, is it right here. However, if you've never had the pleasure to play a dungeon crawler, and is not sure whether it meets his taste, was the first title alluding perhaps later before long faces are drawn. But the efforts are well worthwhile, for if you get the curve, then one is adventure before the really old-school RPG.

In my opinion, a very successful dungeon crawler for the PlayStation Vita. The fact that he will get bored in the offline mode does, absolutely nothing, because the online mode, it really is fun. Even if it all ends in a big mess, there is a lot of fun with friends or strangers wandering the world, and opponents to do. The background sound, and their ability to fit the particular areas where the game is not graphically very mature. All in all, a rock solid title, however, can only develop in the online mode in all its glory

PS Vita Little Deviants Review: Game have lots of new features that will be used!

Little Deviants, a title that many mini-games in the whole, various new functions and gameplay. Especially such a prestigious game for the new properties should therefore be well designed to discourage potential buyers do not like. But will Little Deviants that too?

In the world of Little Deviants Deviants of the so-called Botz, a kind of evil robots are being hunted. As they fled in their spaceship in front of them, but they were made and the ship took such a strong claim that they had to make an emergency landing. Or rather, the spacecraft will break into pieces and the Deviants fall on the nearest planet: that of Whomans. Once there, they will of course be pursued, however, the Botz another trick up his sleeve in order to facilitate the work. They revive the dead to Whomans Dead'uns again to get rid of their help with the Deviants. Since it is indirectly the fault of the Deviants, the Botz and now the attack Dead'uns Whomans also try this now the threat of the two enemies to eliminate.

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We have lots of new features that will be used!
As has been written to serve the Little Deviants various new features of the Gameplay to master mini-games. This means that both the touch screen, the rear pad, the gyro sensor, the ability to touch multiple objects simultaneously, all the cameras and the microphone can be used - some more than others. So the microphone in just a single mini-game is used. In this you have to keep trying different sounds, so be shattered on the Deviant glasses. However, fly to the stars to journeyman, which should preferably not be attacked because they give bonus points. These will be later in the game and the more difficult games especially important because no one else can set up high scores, which is also important to unlock more games. Are beginning to one that is only two to, the rest would be unlocked.

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In these different games is one thing, again particularly in the later game on, Each has its own Deviant mini-games. Thus it happens, however, that is repeated so many mini-game: it's all of five games in three different versions, only serves as another deviant as a character. Accordingly change, however, a few skills. Gophers, the first and most normal Deviant gets such as extra Botz against a lightning strike, which it would be disabled for a short time. Pyruss, a fire based on Deviant fights against the other hand, most Dead'uns and burns them in-house to ashes.

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Just like the mini-games, the new Deviants are free but only played once. Since everyone gets his own Deviant games and you have no free choice, would you use for which game which deviant, this seems a bit useless. Just like collecting the so-called Mugger. These are cats that are hidden in each level and can be collected. All have names and can be called a house - that's it. At least there's a trophy for collecting all Mugger. Apart from the cats, there are still a gallery, which is filled by higher scores on the mini-games. This can then be viewed pictures and statues of various.

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In addition to all the different input methods using the PS Vita Little Deviants, however, yet another feature: near. This feature can namely for owners of mini-games demo and a few little extras for the full version owners will leave. A missed opportunity, however, is the fact that there are no online features - except DLC for the title. A couple of leaderboards for certain games would still be done well

littledeviantsvitareview, little deviants next generation portable moviesActually there is not much to write about what was not said before: There are six different input methods for the mini-games, which are used in different games. But precisely because it is one small problem: The input works sometimes more difficult than is really pretty. All controls must be made with the rear pad are sometimes imprecise or too sensitive. A particular problem arises, however in games in which the simultaneous input via touch screen and rear pad is needed. If not there, that is exactly the required movement is executed, the games are unplayable. In one of the best titles for the awards is an almost perfect result, this demands a great impediment

buy little deviants game card, little deviants trailer, little deviants scionIt may not be very realistic graphics, as you know them from Uncharted, but Little Deviants looks incredibly beautiful. The animations are all smooth and there are many effects that you normally only see from a game console. Graphical error in this game you are looking for in vain.

As you would expect from a mini-game collection, the title offers the most beautiful and does not slow soundtrack - but guaranteed to suit them best. You never feel that run a different background music should or contrary to the currently playing track in the crazy atmosphere of talks, which emit the Deviants. Of course, as well as the appropriate sound effects to include, which have a nice, smooth sound cartoon.

Features and benefits
little deviants game, little deviants vita, little deviants ps vita bundleAll 30 games and 20 different complete offers a total of Little Deviants. This may sound to some extent by not just big, but this mini-game collection is not very easy. This means that one a bit longer on a single game is just to finally get a golden spaceship. The support is also near well done and interesting for owners of the demo, because they get a better insight into the title. And with finding Mugger can also be busy for quite a while, so the extent not in any case too small. Just as previously mentioned: A few online features would have been desirable

Little Deviants - the title that takes the whole, the new capabilities of the Vita to play games with them. A laudable idea, if the control would be in some of the games not so dreadfully that they are almost unplayable already. Worse, it is only then that player must attempt ambitious to achieve a high score to get the highest rating. Apart from these few failures in terms of playability Little Deviants is a nice title for the beginning of the PS Vita.

Sony: PS Vita browser will get updates

Feb 29, 2012

PlayStation Vita browser will get updatesMany PS Vita owners have complained in the past, not quite mature quality of the browser: Long waiting times and lack of Flash support were some of the criticisms. SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida revealed on Twitter that you work on it, the PS Vita browser to improve - they should make "no worries". When the update is coming and what improvements it brings with it is not clear. Here's a video for PS Vita browser

Uncharted Golden Abyss Review - PS Vita brings new gameplay that can't find in home console

Feb 28, 2012

uncharted golden abyss review, ps vita uncharted golden abyssThe Uncharted series is the best-known product exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and for many owners of the home console itself is a reason to buy. No question that the Sony rugged protagonist Nathan Drake on the PlayStation Vita race sent in - but what more surprised that this happens directly at launch. Unlike the home console versions of the portable counterpart, not directly by Naughty Dog, but was developed by Sony Bend, with the assistance of the Naughty Dog.


The best-known works of Sony Bend game Syphon Filter are forged and Resistance: Retribution, in turn, appeared on the PSP and the winged machine to technical excellence. The question to ask a lot of Uncharted fans is: "Can the pocket version of Nathan Drake's adventures with the high expectations of the series justice?" More to learn it in the review.

ps vita uncharted gameplay, uncharted golden abyss walkthrough

Indiana Jones was yesterday. Lara Croft can pack up. Because Nathan Drake shows how the wind blows. During his adventures he had already mastered many intricate layers, solve puzzles and make its charm in the female group demonstrated. It is the stereotype treasure hunter, always on the lookout for traces of his past. It takes up the story of the game back to a true hero of the story: Sir Francis Drake, a famous English explorer, who as a distant relative of the protagonist, has left many notes. Uncharted: Golden Abyss played some time before the events of the PlayStation 3 title and Drake is hired by his old friend Jason Dante to reveal the secrets of a Central American jungles myth. The Uncharted schema is unpacked again and after a major discovery is quite unbalanced, it is mysterious events to get wise and just far too experienced at the end of the game, what really matter. New characters provide different feel, which of course also not be missed old friend. We want you, of course, not giving too much away, but in terms of story, the game features the familiar twists and humor typical series.

uncharted golden abyss gameplay, uncharted golden abyss trophies

The pocket-Drake comes guesswork makes a good figure and the new elements, which brings with it the PlayStation Vita will put to good use. Will often use the touch screen to turn to some minor puzzle deal or even a stylish sheets used in the Journal. The menu is simple and intuitive and the game Uncharted fans head straight into the spell. Jumping, climbing, shooting. Everything feels smooth and consistent and the inclined players will have to choose whether the elements of the touch screen would work for you, or stay with the classical control elements. Rarely seen, the self-selected control plane forced to leave and so many puzzle be solved only by touch.

uncharted psvita, uncharted golden abyss multiplayer

This blind but well into the game and are less disruptive. For example, branches or vines in the jungle can be cut away using "machetes and paw-wiping", climbing and jumping deposits are facilitated by precise tapping and hand grenades are thrown using a touch screen in no time. It takes Drake back on many items that he could even use it on the home consoles. Take cover, or stalking are the typical elements that come back to use. Unfortunately, our protagonist has forgotten how to throw grenades back to the sender, which makes some tricky situations than thought

Visually, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and a fireworks show at a very early stage that the PlayStation Vita has a lot on the box. Of course it is not the graphical brilliance of the third series of installation on the PlayStation 3, but what is shown astonishing turning many. The chart looks a little more to the first part of the home console versions, and presents the typical environments: the deepest green of the South American jungle, barren brown rock formations or burning-hot fire scenarios.

uncharted golden abyss cheats, ps vita uncharted bundle

Sony Bend have again proven that they know their job and when you consider that this is a launch title, put down a brilliant performance. But even with treasure hunters is not gold sparkles. Because Uncharted: Golden Abyss disappointed in one respect, that the popular action scenes are often too short and the platform elements in this part greatly predominate. And when it gets dicey sometimes literally, and sparked a hell on earth, the frame rate of the PlayStation Vita goes sometimes in the knee. It is a little like the playability of the first title on the PlayStation 3, mixed with new elements, the new handheld. While the story provides, in comparison with the home console versions for a few flights of fancy and even the new characters could edge a little more pep tolerated but still you get a successful launch game that some hours with rod.

uncharted golden abyss review, ps vita uncharted golden abyss

In terms of features, the new journal provides more depth and historical knowledge edge. Because collected treasures are now explained in their origin and the curious away from their online encyclopedia can also store your own gray matter up with a little input. Similar to the first part of Uncharted on the PlayStation 3, Uncharted Golden Abyss offers no multiplayer mode, which reduces the actual gameplay to the adventure. Here it is again faced with the usual choice. Runs through it at random and would as soon look at the credit screen, then you spend well and happy, depending on the difficulty, 7-12 hours with the game - or you collect every hidden treasure and meticulously reveals the secrets to the game a little more time to stretch

ps vita uncharted gameplay, uncharted golden abyss walkthrough

And suggests how the pocket-Drake? brave! Because even in advance, the Uncharted: Golden Abyss viewed with much skepticism and expectations were high. Although one does not achieve the brilliance of the last PlayStation 3 installations, but Sony is an impressive example where the journey can go with the Uncharted: Golden Abyss is an impressive launch games, but that with his own little teething comes along, but often prompts the jaw back up to push. Some hardcore could show a little sobering in terms of story, as it is clearly a lack of new ideas. And the lack of multiplayer mode is gnawing at the standings, however: If you like the concept, it can safely access!